How we are playing our part in the future of fashion as a small emerging womenswear business.

As a womenswear brand our mission at VAAI is to balance contemporary fashion & design whilst maintaining respect for centuries old artisanal craftmanship. Whilst providing the consumer with a beautifully unique garment and an immaculate service we believe it is of highest priority to do this in a socially responsible manner.

Here are 5 principles that VAAI incorporate into the DNA of the business

We are all about Slow Fashion

We are not trend-led and believe in producing quality attire that will last. All our garments are hand-made and products that will last for a long time. We produce according to our direct consumer and wholesale buyers needs and in quantities that ensure little or no stock is left over thus reducing the waste.

Sustainable Fabrics

sustainable fabric

VAAI is a high-end brand that aims to achieve almost 100% natural fabric composition of its products. Our current SS20 collection is composed only of silks and cottons, both of which are natural fibres and decompose naturally thus making them sustainable.

We have in the past used Errandi Silk. A signature fabric from Assam, India whereby silk is extracted by non- violent methods that allow the silkworm to undergo its natural life cycle.

We have great links with British, Scottish and Indian suppliers/mills of natural and organic fabrics and we do our best to ensure they are GOTS certified

We Support Small

We sample and manufacture through small productions units based on British and Indian soils. These units support local people highly skilled in their field. For example, our Indian artisans have skills that have been passed down over centuries and so we keep a perishing craft alive.  We find the VAAI consumer is conscientious and looks beyond the label. They prefer to invest in a wardrobe that is produce by workers who not only exist but thrive in their working environment.

Our products are transitional and tran-seasonal

We produce ‘cherish forever’ pieces. The garments are slow fashioned and presented as ready to wear. Our aim is to show one transitional collection with several drops per year depending on buyer needs.

We arm our clients with the knowledge on how to style their VAAI piece in several ways with wardrobe-essentials making each VAAI garment a core part of the customers ensemble. Our garments are perfect to dress up or down and may be worn daily, as resort or formal wear. Multiple wears of the same unique product styled differently not only make for stylish wear but is also sustainable in the long term. It’s a Win-Win.

Bespoke Services and Made to Measure

bespoke service

For those consumers who are in-between sizes and can never seem to find the right fit VAAI offers a made to measure service from any of the VAAI pop-up boutiques or the Battersea studio. A personalised and bespoke service is also offered by the designer creating an immersive experience for the client that wants to create a real masterpiece for a special event. These services gain a greater customer satisfaction, longer return on the product purchased and loyalty to the brand.

We believe, it's not enough to just use sustainable fabrics and call ourselves a sustainable brand. We know we've got a long way to go and there are many more issues to be addressed in our socially responsibilities but we are doing our best and implementing strategies that will grow as we do in a fashion forward way.